Emergency WordPress help is available Monday - Friday 8 AM 'til 6 PM EST. For signed clients we are available - 24/7/365.

Emergency WordPress Support

When you need immediate help, Emergency WordPress Tech Support is available on a first come, first served basis M - F from 8 AM 'til 6 p.m. (EST).

Emergency WordPress support is commonly needed for website crashes, hacks, and virus infections. However, we will undertake any WordPress task on an emergency basis if your needs are time-sensitive or critical.

Here's What's Required

Administrative access to your WordPress Dashboard. This is what is commonly referred to as your username and password login combination.

Access to your hosting account. While this, too, is generally referred to as your username and password login combination, it is different from your WordPress credentials.

Your FTP information. This is generally contained in the 'Welcome' email that is sent by your hosting company at the time of activating your account.

It is virtually impossible for us to begin to assist you with your emergency without us having this information at hand.

While you are on the phone with us describing the problem, we’ll take a look at your WordPress installation to determine the issue and, in most cases, tell you up front whether it can be fixed in our two-hour minimum, or if it will take more time. We cannot give you a proper assessment or a price estimate without access to both your WordPress dashboard AND your web hosting files

Most common issues and problems solved include:

• Virus Infections
• Hacked websites
• Google warnings and removals
• Installation Issues
• Plugin Issues
• Theme Issues
• Slow Loading Site
• White Screen of Death
• Error Messages
• JavaScript Conflicts
• Corrupted Layouts
• Non-loading Sites

For faster service call us direct at: 856.649.1001

Signed clients are supplied with a cellphone number for instant accessibility - 24/7/365.

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